About Me - Larry Winokur

I am a photography enthusiast/ hobbyist from Dunwoody, Ga.

I enjoy looking for small towns (and sometimes big cities) with character, walking around them and capturing images of our world that others often overlook or walk right by.

Finding the beauty in everyday life and objects is what drives me.

Photos on my site are organized in a somewhat general nature. Many trips only produce a few shots that I feel are unique or interesting. Because of this, I have four general folders in which I place those pictures:

Buildings & Doors,

Objects & Things

Signs, Billboards & Ads

Black and White

Locations that produce a significant number of photos will be placed in their own folder. My "Atlanta" folder is an example of this.

The watermark you see is present only for online viewing, it will not be on the final print.

I hope you enjoy looking at my photos as much as I enjoy taking them.